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Our Recreational Classes focus on learning basic gymnastics positions and skills and implementing them on all events.  We want kids to enjoy learning in a safe and noncompetitive environment.  Your athlete will begin each class with a group warm-up employing their large muscle groups and raising their hear rate.  Our informative/highly trained coaches will teach them to stretch, work on bridges and splits at a level comfortable to each individual.


Mommy & Me is a 45 min co-ed class that brings the parent into the gym amidst the excitement in this coach-led, parent-assisted. The parent works with the developing toddler through activities designed to improve balance, strength, muscle development and hand-eye coordination. Children will begin to socialize and learn how to interact with other children. A parent, grandparent, nanny or other adult is required to attend a class.

When a child shows progress and has gained independence in following directions, the coach will let the parent know the child is ready for the next level.


Stars class is a co-ed class for three through five year old children. This class will be introducing the fundamentals of gymnastics that are worked on throughout the program leading into our recreational classes. This is a 45 minute class. Coaches will notify the parents when the child is ready to move up to the next level. Coaches make this decision based on the child’s knowledge of skills, class performance and the ability to follow directions independently.


Gymnasts will focus on core strength, arm strength, and the coordination necessary to learn handstands, cartwheels and forward rolls – the fundamental building blocks of almost all gymnastics skills.  They will spend time hanging, swinging, and supporting themselves on the bars in order to build the necessary strength to pull over onto the bars.  Balance and coordination on beam will continue to improve through repetition of waling, jumping and kicking, leading into turns and leaps.  The focus on vault will begin with proper running technique, skipping and hurdling drills, leading to jump ups and squat on.  All athletes will grow at their individual pace with encouragement and positive reinforcement from our professional coaching staff.


All Recreational classes are designed to be a continuation of skills and growth from the previous class.  In Super Beginner, your athlete will continue to build strength and gain flexibility.  They will begin learning backward rolls, bridge and kick overs.  Having the strength necessary to do a pull-over allows the gymnast to focus on casting and back hip circles on bars.  A renewed emphasis on developing balance and coordination on beam through walking, jumping and turning, allows the student to gain confidence and begin working on levers and handstands.  Proper running technique will still be focus on vault and students will begin learning handstand flat backs.


Gymnasts will continue to work bridge and kick overs, eventually shifting to walkover skills when individually ready.  They will be learning handstand forward rolls, and begin working round offs.  As your athlete builds more core and arm strength, they will star working glide swings and stride circles on bars.  Handstands will continue to be a focus on beam, working not only ¾ handstands, but also cartwheel to handstand dismounts.  They will begin learning handspring vaults in this level as well as working how to block off their hands in a handstand.


Having been taught the fundamentals in the last three levels, your gymnast has gained the strength, agility, balance and coordination to begin working on a wide array of tumbling skills.  From front limbers, to round off back handsprings, they will love all the great skills they will be able to work.  Their strong glide swings on bars can turn into a kip.  They will learn a shoot through and front hip circles, all the while getting stronger and better.  On beam they will have confidence in their jumps and turns and now begin working leaps and cartwheels.  They will continue to work handsprings on vault and can eventually work up to vaulting over the table.


Cheerleaders, dancers and gymnasts alike can benefit from our Trampoline and Tumbling class.  Offering weekly training on just these two activities, it’s a perfect class for those interested in tumbling and trampoline without the other gymnastics events.



A gymnastics class with a ninja emphasis which utilizes obstacles and challenge courses to build strength and confidence while gaining agility and body awareness.  This class does not promote violence of any kind but instead encourages the student to push themselves to new heights to conquer fears.  The strength and agility gained in this class would benefit an athlete of any sport.

Ninjas will participate in a warm up, followed by three/four 10-minute rotations.   In our new facility, gymnasts will participate in tumbling, bars, obstacle courses, and upper body strength stations



Dynamics Gymnastics offers weekly open gym events for Preschoolers as well as School age kids.  Open gym gives friends an opportunity to explore the gym openly, have fun and play on the equipment.  Open to kids of all abilities, open gym is a great addition to any class, giving children time to practice skills at their own pace while having fun with friends & siblings. Coaches will be on hand to ensure safety of all participants, however, this is not an instructional class. 


Camps and Clinics, Birthday parties, private lessons, choreography, parent’s night out are all events that Dynamics Gym offers throughout the year.  For more information about upcoming events, call Dynamics Gym at (952) 808-0275.