Pre-Team Program.

Dynamics Gymnastics Center will be expanding our team program to offer a more defined USAG Developmental Programs.  Based upon a her ability and desire to learn gymnastics, a gymnast may be selected to join our Pre-Team group.  This is a “by invitation” only program that provides an opportunity for those girls who show potential to become competitive gymnasts.  This program focuses primarily on proper technique, flexibility and strength while promoting discipline… all attributes which are extremely important as a child moves up in the sport of gymnastics.

The Pre-Team program is just one path to being a competitive gymnast however, it is not for all gymnasts.  And while no program is a guarantee for future participation or success on our team, it does provide a good base for evaluation of such attributes over and above what our recreational classes provide.

Our Pre-Team program is broken in to groups based upon talent and potential, not necessarily age or past experience. Gymnasts in this program will attend practice from 1 to 4 hours per week based upon which group they are placed in.  Our years of experience has shown that pairing girls with others of like abilities and work ethic will help them flourish and grow at a much greater pace.

And while being part of a Developmental program is a track for competitiveness it is not a fast track program nor is it the only track.  Fully developing a gymnast can take years before they are prepared for competition.

This specialized program is designed for gymnasts who:

  • Are ready to make a year-round commitment to gymnastics including attending weekly practices without interruption of other activities,
  • Understands that gymnastics requires repetition, muscle memory, and solid achievement of basic skills,
  • Shows potential for future skill development and a desire to compete,
  • and has the support of her family to meet the time and cost requirements of competitive gymnastics.

If you are interested in learning more about our Pre-Team program, please contact Dynamics Gymnastics today.  Current members of Dynamics Pre-school and Progressive classes will be evaluated by their coach within a regular class setting.  Because this is an invitation only program, it is limited in it’s scope and size.  If you are non-member who is interested in learning more about our team program, we encourage you to call today! (952) 808-0275.