Ninja Classes for Kids

Dynamics Gymnastics is now offering ninja classes for kids!

A gymnastics class with a ninja emphasis which utilizes obstacles and challenge courses to build strength and confidence while gaining agility and body awareness.  This class does not promote violence of any kind but instead encourages the student to push themselves to new heights to conquer fears.  The strength and agility gained in this class would benefit an athlete of any sport.

 Ninjas will participate in a warm up, followed by three/four 10-minute rotations.   In our new facility, gymnasts will participate in tumbling, bars, obstacle courses, and upper body strength stations






 Ninja Class*


4:30 PM - 5:25 PM

$184/ 8 - week session*

Ninja Class*


6:30 PM - 7:25 PM

$184 / 8 - week session*

* Ninjas:  Ages 5-10yrs.