Mommy & Me (Ages 18 months - 2; with parent)

Mommy & Me (ages 18 months - 2 years)

Mommy & Me is a 45 min co-ed class that brings the parent into the gym amidst the excitement in this coach-led, parent-assisted. The parent works with the developing toddler through activities designed to improve balance, strength, muscle development and hand-eye coordination. Children will begin to socialize and learn how to interact with other children. A parent, grandparent, nanny or other adult is required to attend a class.

When a child shows progress and has gained independence in following directions, the coach will let the parent know the child is ready for the next level.

Stars (Ages 3-4 years old: without a parent)

Stars (ages 3-4 years old)

Stars class is a co-ed class for three through five year old children. This class will be introducing the fundamentals of gymnastics that are worked on throughout the program leading into our recreational classes. This is a 45 minute class. Coaches will notify the parents when the child is ready to move up to the next level. Coaches make this decision based on the child’s knowledge of skills, class performance and the ability to follow directions independently.


*Jumping                                                           *Swinging (bar)

*Rolling                                                              *Kicking

*Supporting body weight (bar)                     *Balancing

*Intro to Cartwheel                                         *Headstand